When you enter into a training plan, whether that is one-on-one training, or group classes, you get access to continued support from your certified trainer & CCA team through our free Trainer in Your Pocket Service!


The Trainer In Your Pocket Service (TIYP): 

  • Trainers are available to review homework videos, answer training questions and provide coaching between sessions
  • Clients in private training plans check in with their trainer via Whatsapp with written updates and videos of them working through the training plan
  • Group class participants gain access to private class chats where they access trainer support, and cultivate a canine community with their fellow classmates
  • Trainers offer their expertise, coaching, and support to help refine and develop the guardians training mechanics, dog behavior knowledge, and body language reading skills
  • TIYP has facilitated skill and knowledge transfer on a deeper level than ever before and clients report less frustration, faster progress, and greater ease in working with their dogs through even the most difficult behavior challenges
  • Plus, we love to follow along with your training journey and see all your successes!


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