Calm Canine Academy’s signature 4-week (8-class scheduled twice weekly) puppy raising program takes you through this vital and formative period in your puppy’s development. Work on a combination of socialization, puppy management, and basic training to optimize this critical developmental stage, build confidence and communication, and teach them the rules and boundaries of our human world.  


This class covers puppy topics like house training, separation training, puppy nipping, and more while teaching the 8 foundation cues needed to thrive with a heavy focus on impulse control behaviors like wait, drop it, leave it, and settling down. We find focusing on these areas helps raise the most healthy, balanced dog and avoids behavior problems developing down the line.


All students get exclusive access to a class Whatsapp group where they can reach out to their trainers for advice in between classes. The digital format allows us to train in real life scenarios (e.g. around food in the kitchen) with real time coaching from your certified trainer: seamlessly integrating training with daily life so you can raise a confident, cooperative and calm canine.


  • Course Price: $300
  • 4 week course
  • Classes are scheduled weekly
  • Small group sizes: 6 puppies per class
  • Streamed live via ZOOM, real time coaching from your certified trainer
  • Game changing daily support provided through CCA's innovative Trainer In Your Pocket service  to help you ease your puppy into their new routine and answer any urgent questions


Suitable for puppies under 16 weeks of age, of any breed 


If you are unsure if your dog would benefit from this class ask us. 























  • Learn how to properly socialize your puppy to new people environments, objects, handling, grooming, people, dogs, and noises 
  • Learn how to manage play with other dogs and puppies to ensure your dog develops the proper inter-dog social skills 
  • Understand the basic principles of canine learning, behavior and body language from certified behavior experts
  • Learn how to resolve common puppy problems like nipping, house training, separation training, and destructive behavior 
  • Learn games that teach your puppy to play politely, reduce nipping and build impulse control
  • Teach your puppy the 8 foundation behaviors they need to thrive: sit, down, wait, leave it, drop it, loose leash walking, recall, and attention
  • Learn how to handle fear and shyness in puppies 
  • Develop your puppies communication, impulse control, and frustration tolerance by teaching vital life skills like wait, drop it, and leave it