Calm Canine is a 6 week digital group class focussing on arousal moderation, impulse control, and frustration tolerance. Created for dogs who are dealing with stress, arousal, overexcitement and impulsivity it takes you through an intensive training plan to teach you and your dog new habits to transform your relationship and your life. This training plan has been tried and tested and the progress seen consistently in Calm Canine is so addictive we’ve had students take it 2, 3, even 4 times! Learn how to help your dog in stressful and overexciting situations, and never again have to leave them at home due to worries about dangerous and impolite behaviors like lunging, pulling, not listening, reactivity and more


  • Course Price: $300
  • Sundays 12PM -1PM
  • 6 week course
  • Classes are scheduled weekly
  • Small group sizes: 4 dogs per class
  • Streamed live via ZOOM, real time coaching from your certified trainer
  • Game changing daily support provided through CCA's innovative Trainer In Your Pocket service  to coach you through exercises and answer any urgent questions


For dogs over 5 months of age


For beginner - intermediate level students who are looking to build on their basic training 


Not be suitable for dogs with certain behavior issues like fear or aggression - if you are unsure if your dog would benefit from this class ask us 
























  • Gain an understanding of advanced training skills and principles and how they apply to stress, arousal, and impulse control
  • Build impulse control to improve your dog's ability to sit, down and wait when excited, around distractions
  • Develop a good leave it cue, so you can pass distractions without lunging, barking, or whining
  • Learn advanced toy and food games to build relationships, improve impulse control and increase frustration tolerance
  • Discover the lost art of leash training and teach your dog how to give in to leash pressure and defer their attention to you on walks
  • Learn the secret to setting up “real life” training games to ensure reliability and control no matter what
  • Learn how to manipulate your dog’s arousal, and teach them to relax and settle on cue in distracting environments
  • Teach your dog to think and respond to cues when they are in high arousal, to improve focus and listening skills in the face of distractions