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I don't even know where to begin as I write this review, and even more, I don't know where I would be without Karishma's training.


I grew up with rescue labs in the suburbs, so when I got my first puppy (Ellie), I thought I knew everything already. I had never raised a dog - let alone a puppy - in the city before.


I had an extremely fearful puppy, and Karishma helped Ellie socialize through Puppy Playtimes. Now, Ellie is amazing at the dog park AND comes when I call her when she's mid play at the dog park.


With puppy training, Karishma not only walked my boyfriend and I through crate training, potty training, impulse control, tricks, and traveling, but Karishma also made it fit into our lives and our schedules. She put together a plan where we could crate and potty train despite our crazy work schedules without our dogs suffering from inconsistency. She listened to my ridiculous requests of wanting my nervous toy aussies to sit patiently while I brunched with friends and sleep through 8 hour flights to Europe (and with training instruction with Karishma, we accomplished my ridiculous goals.)


As Ellie and Emma grew older, Ellie developed behavioral problems towards skateboards and drunk people. Karishma put together plans for Ellie that helped Ellie's problems improve AND prevented Emma from picking up on Ellie's issues.


I have worked with trainers from every single dog school in NYC - multiple trainers in each actually. I worked with multiple before finding Karishma, and now I only work with Karishma because she gets to the core of the problem and gives you a plan to fix it.


Ellie, Emma, and I are so incredibly thankful for Karishma. (And my relationship with my boyfriend is thankful too because raising two puppies with two crazy jobs in NYC is very hard and would have been unmanageable without Karishma). Thank you so so much, Karishma.


-Winnie L, parent to Ellie & Emma


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Karishma has worked with our mini poodle Theo for almost two years after we adopted him. He’s an anxious little guy, and her work with him has allowed him to blossom and unveiled his true personality.


When she first met Theo, she immediately identified his discomfort with being picked up (due to his time at the shelter), and started handling exercises to make him more comfortable being touched, a type of training that never occurred to us as new puppy parents. She’s continued to help him become more confident with play, walking and meeting other dogs. She has helped him develop into a wonderful, loving and happy pup.


Karishma is simply an incredible animal trainer. We say “animal” because she’s even taught her pet fish to wave on command! Her ability to read dogs is uncanny and her people skills to soothe their oft-stressed-out humans are exemplary. Thank you Karishma for helping Theo become a more confident and relaxed dog!


-Jen and David, parents to Theo


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My dog, Elphie, and I have been working with Karishma for almost 2 years. Elphie has some behavior issues and Karishma has been wonderful with her. She understands the dogs needs, and also takes time to understand the owners as well. We've taken many classes that Karishma has taught where we have learned so much about behavior, tricks, and good manners. We've attended playtimes with other dogs where she is able to keep an eye on a small group of dogs and work individually on all of the needs each dog has. We've participated in one on one training with one other dog to encourage proper play behavior. And, we've also had private training where Karishma has been able to come to my apartment and help me with issues Elphie has at home. Elphie works with Karishma on a weekly basis. After every session, I get a write up with notes and videos. The videos really help and allow me to see the proper way to conduct training. Most importantly, my dog LOVES working her and I would recommend her to anyone with the highest praise.


-Bailey A, parent to Elphie