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Stranger Danger

Group class

Confidence & Control Around New People

  • Speciality class 6 week virtual coaching program

  • For dogs who perform avoidant, barky, or lungy behaviors towards new people

  • Not suitable for cases of inter-household aggression, or dogs with a significant bite history

  • Small group classes with individualized and personalized attention

  • 6 Weeks
  • 6 Live classes
  • Trainer in your pocket
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Upcoming Dates

  • Sat Jan 14 1:30pm EST (Full)
  • Sun Feb 5 12:00pm EST (3 Spots Left)
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What You’ll Learn
  • Equipment, safety, and management for human directed fear / aggression

  • Building comfort from a distance on a blended walks

  • Tandem play and scentwork as ways to unlock your dog’s confidence

  • How to teach your dog to settle and relax around new people

  • Healthy and unhealthy ways for your dog to interact with new people

stranger danger

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Coming soon!

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