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Separation Skills

Group class

Does your dog struggle when left alone?

Are you coming home to your beloved dog in a panicked state?

Your belongings destroyed?

Noise complaints from the neighbors?

It can be tough living with a dog with Separation Anxiety

But there is hope and a path to alone time success

Join Separation Skills: an innovative 10-week group-coaching program with 8 live classes that empowers YOU with the skills needed to be your dog's best therapist and resolve their separation anxiety. *Note that this course is not suitable for multi-pet households.

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Upcoming Dates

  • Sun Jan 15 1:30pm EST (Full)
    Sun Jan 29 9:00 am EST (Full)
    Sun Jan 29 1:30pm EST (6 Spots Left
    Sun Feb 12 12:00pm EST (4 Spots Left)
    Sun Mar 19 10:30am EST (6 Spots Left)
  • 10 Weeks
  • 8 Live classes
  • Trainer in your pocket
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Alone Time Desensitization
Stress & Enrichment
Holistic Stress Management
Advanced Body Language
Data Tracking
Sound Counterconditioning

Separation Anxiety

a puppy on a orange background

"Calm Canine's Separation Skills class was great! There were dogs of all ages with varying levels of separation anxiety, and each of us was able to work at our own pace, and see weekly improvements. The class provided me with a strong foundation and a bunch of great exercises that I still use with my puppy. The best part was that even though it was a group course, it was still tailored to the needs of each dog. Sometimes having a dog with separation anxiety can feel lonely, but the structure of the class and the supportive environment made it feel anything but. Thank you Karishma and the Calm Canine team! "

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-  Marcia & Otto
a puppy on a orange background

We just started their separation anxiety class and I have already learned more after attending the first 3 classes then I did reading 3 books on SA on my own.  I wish I had started with them immediately when I realized that Bernie needed desensitization training.  Not only is he making great progress in his separation anxiety, but the class is very holistic, so we also understand how to better provide sufficient enrichment and exercise for a very active puppy.

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-  Elise & Bernie
a puppy on a orange background

I’ve been working with the CCA through their Separation Skills program. I appreciated all the available assistance in addition to the weekly class. I then signed on for their month-long Graduate Program to learn how to transition my dog to maintenance work down the road.  My dog Snickers has shown great progress and gone from panicking within 90 seconds after I left to going 4 plus hours by himself with the ability to self soothe and settle. They’re upfront and let you know this is a lengthy process (Think months not just a few weeks. Anyone claiming differently isn’t being truthful) but it is well worth it and absolutely works!!

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-  Tara