Apartment Reactivity is a 6 week digital group class that your noise reactive dog from a reactive rover to a calm canine. Does your dog loose his mind when the doorbell rings? Do they startle at knocks on doors or walls, or enter into barking competitions with the neighborhood dogs? Learn how to teach your dog to calmly look to you for instruction instead of barking their head off at everyday noises like doorbells, door knocks, dogs barking and more, all without the use of force and intimidation!   


  • TUESDAYS 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
  • Six 1-hour group classes
  • Scheduled weekly, and consecutively
  • Hosted digitally via ZOOM 
  • Small group sizes: max 6 
  • Classes are LIVE with real time coaching from your certified trainer
  • Game changing daily support provided through CCA's innovative Trainer In Your Pocket service 



For dogs of any age, breed or size '


Suitable for beginner-intermediate level students: dogs should know how to lay down and sit on cue


If you are unsure if your dog would benefit from this class ask us


















  • Gain an understanding of basic training skills and principles and how they apply to noise reactivity
  • Discover ways your behavior may be inadvertently fueling your dogs noise reactivity 
  • Use modern training techniques to decrease unwanted behaviors like barking and increase desired behaviors like settling calmly, staying in place, or chewing on a bone
  • Become an expert at reading your dogs body language and unlock the secrets of canine communication 
  • Learn how to desensitize your dog to triggering sounds like doorbells, knocking on doors and walls, dogs barking, voices in the hallway and more
  • Practice intelligent and creative training games, specifically designed to develop, rehearse and refine the skills needed to curb noise reactivity, while conforming to the rules of social distancing