Leash Skills is a 6 week digital course that teaches you how to manage your impulsive, fearful and reactive dogs on leash walks. Certified trainers and behavior experts - with years of experience working dogs on the challenging New York City streets - coach you through an innovative behavior modification training plan and give you the tools you need to handle and help your dog. 


  • Price: $300
  • SUNDAYS: 4PM - 5PM
  • 6 week course
  • Classes are scheduled weekly and consecutively
  • Small group sizes: 4 dogs per class
  • Streamed live via ZOOM, real time coaching from your certified trainer
  • Game changing daily support provided through CCA's innovative Trainer In Your Pocket service to provide immediate answers to your pressing training and behavior questions! 


For dogs over 5 months of age


For beginner - intermediate level students who are looking to build on their basic training 


Not be suitable for dogs with certain behavior issues  - if you are unsure if your dog would benefit from this class ask us 



















  • Gain an understanding of advanced training skills and principles and how they apply to leash reactivity and aggression
  • Discover ways your behavior may be inadvertently fueling your dog's leash behavior, and learn how to implement proper management
  • Learn how to change your dog's emotional response when they see a dog using modern proven methods.
  • Discover the lost art of leash training and teach your dog how to give into leash pressure and defer their attention to you on walks, without the use of force or intimidation
  • Become an expert at reading your dog's body language and unlock the secrets of canine communication
  • Learn advanced toy and food games to build relationships, improve impulse control and increase frustration tolerance