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Feisty Fido

Group class

From Feisty Fido to Calm Canine

  • Specialty canine communication coaching
    program for dogs over 6 months

  • Everything you need to know to build a solid
    foundation of communication with your pup

  • Small group classes with individualized and
    personalized attention

  • 10 Weeks
  • 8 Live classes
  • Trainer in your pocket
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Upcoming Dates
  • Sat Jan 28 11:00am EST (full)
    Sun Jan 29 11:00am EST (full)
    Sun Feb 19 12:30pm EST (full)
    Sun Mar 19 9:30am EST (6 spaces)
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What You’ll Learn
  • Play & Exercise

  • Recall (Including from Distractions)

  • Leave It & Drop It

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Relaxation & Settling

  • Integrating Behaviors in New Environments & Around Distractions

Aggression & Reactivity

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My husband and I were skeptical about virtual training, but it turned out we were apprehensive for nothing! We enrolled our puppy in the Feisty Fido program and have slowly begun seeing some positive (relaxing!) changes in our high-drive, go-go-go, doesn't-know-how-to-relax, Mal puppy. The trainers at CCA gave us all the tools and resources to be the best trainer our puppy needed and were very responsive if we had any issues crop up or questions we needed answered. I would highly recommend them and plan to take their advanced class in the future!

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-  Allie
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The feisty fido 8-week course was literally life-changing for my dog with major fear aggression.  She is now so much calmer.  I love that these trainers do not use any method other than rewarding your dog for making healthy choices -- they do not condone punishment.  My dog's life just got a major upgrade.  Now we can manage her anxiety with so many helpful tips, including enrichment / management, socialization, medication, understanding of her biology, her triggers, what to reinforce and what to avoid.  And it was really so simple.  The first class alone made a world of a difference (but I would fully recommend the advancement of the skills over the full 8-weeks).  Every dog deserves to be treated with respect in the way these trainers make sure to educate and advocate for.  God bless these people who care so much for our best friends.

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-  Amy D
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Calm Canine Academy is IT! I could not be more grateful of Karishma's guidance for handling my rambunctious one year old Brussels Griffon. We opted to do a private and the Feisty Fido class - both were fantastic. We are about 6 weeks since graduation and my dog has done a 180! He's now perfectly calm, chill, and so well behaved.
We've had to continuously work with him - it's not a magic pill, you will need to put in honest work with your pooch - but the training will stay with you both way after you stop the weekly zoom meetups. The training is so intuitive and even if you're already super close with your dog, this class will make you fall in love with him even more.
I cannot speak more highly of Karishma either. She is so wonderful. She is beyond knowledgeable about proper, ethical training for dogs and she is so warm and passionate about helping you. She is one of few dog trainers I've come across in NYC who are not pretentious and judgmental. She makes working with your dog fun! Every class and session will improve your dog's behavior. So worth the money.
I'm so grateful for CCA! Would recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

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-  Emi G