Fear Free Handling is a 6-week self-study class that teaches an innovative modern approach to veterinary, grooming and husbandry care that centres around cooperation, choice and trust. For many of our pet dogs common grooming, handling and veterinary procedures cause a great deal of stress, fear, and frustration and overtime even the sight of the brush, or sound of a bath can provoke stress, avoidance and even aggression. Learn how to desensitize your dog to these triggers and teach them to consent to brushing, nail clipping, teeth brushing, taking harnesses on and off, baths and more.


  • Course Price: $250
  • Self-Study means you can start whenever it is convenient!
  • Six 1-hour pre-recorded classes
  • Scheduled weekly, and consecutively
  • Sent to you weekly via WhatsApp
  • Game changing daily support provided through CCA's innovative Trainer In Your Pocket service 



For dogs of any age, breed or size 


Suitable for intermediate level students - dogs should have basic sit, down, stand on cue


If you are unsure if your dog would benefit from this class ask us
























  • Gain an understanding of basic training skills and principles and how they apply to husbandry, grooming and veterinary care

  • Gain a thorough understanding of fear, stress, and discomfort in dogs and how it applies to husbandry, grooming and veterinary care
  • Use modern training techniques to teach your dog to "opt in" or consent to unpleasant procedures like brushing, grooming, vaccinations, leash clipping, ear cleaning and more!
  • Become an expert at reading your dogs body language and unlock the secrets of canine communication 
  • Teach your dog to love veterinary, grooming and husbandry tools like nail clippers, toothbrushes, injection needles and more! 
  • Master humane training methods and techniques to help minimize fear and stress in your dog daily life
  • Practice intelligent and creative training games, specifically designed to build dog-guardian communication and develop trust, choice and cooperation.