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December 23, 2022

Guardian Gift Guide for Mother’s Day (or Any Day!)

Whether you need a gift for a brand new puppy parent or a seasoned dog guardian, we’ve got great ideas for Mother’s Day or any day! Best of all, you can still secure any of our suggestions before May 8th.

Written By
Julianne Toia, CCA Associate Trainer | KPA
women patting a dog on the street

MANAGEMENT | Tools to help manage chewing, hyperactivity, and grooming.

Portable White Noise Machine - $24

Something to help lull both a tired puppy and guardian to sleep.

Suction Lick Pad - $10

Smear on delicious lickable treats like cream cheese or peanut butter and suction it to the wall to help pups stay distracted and lower stress during bathtime.

Single Ingredient Trachea Chews - $32

The best way to save shoes and furniture from sharky dogs? Provide them with a healthy and appropriate outlet for chewing like these single ingredient tracheas.

ENRICHMENT | Toys and projects to help pups practice instinctual behaviors in an appropriate manner.

Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toy - $30

This interactive food puzzle provides stimulating mental activity that will keep pups busy exercising their natural foraging instincts during boring human WFH calls.

iDig Digging Toy - $80

A positive outlet for a pup’s natural digging behavior and a savior for couch cushions everywhere.

Ramen Snuffle Cup - $11

A cute plush snuffle toy that slows down mealtime and offers engaging sniffing enrichment.

TRAINING | Equipment to help guardians teach new behaviors.

PetSafe Clik-R Dog Clicker Ring - $4

This unique clicker features an elastic band that can be worn as a ring so it can be kept on hand for easy marking during positive reinforcement training.

Target Stick - $8

A telescoping tool that assists guardians in training a variety of new targeting and movement behaviors.

PetSafe Treat & Train - $145

This advanced treat-dispensing system enables guardians to remotely reinforce pups from a distance during training activities.

3-Pack Lickable Treat Dispenser - $20

Lickable treats are one of many delicious ways to motivate our furry friends. Use these silicon containers to dispense lickables like pumpkin puree or plain sugar-free yogurt to pups on the go.

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts - $20

Show how much you love them with a bag of chicken hearts - a high value treat that will motivate dogs to learn new, trained behaviors.

EDUCATION | Courses and coaching based on humane, modern methods and taught by industry-leading behavior experts.

The Puppy Program - $350

Perfect for puppies under five months, our puppy program helps guardians navigate this critical developmental stage, build trust and communication, and properly socialize their pups to the challenges of our human world.

Book any signature program before May 8, 2022 for 10% off with code CCAGUARDIAN

Feisty Fido - $480

For dogs beyond five months who still struggle with fear, reactivity, or hyper-arousal, our Feisty Fido program empowers guardians with the skills needed to be their dogs’ best therapist and resolve their anxieties and behavioral challenges.  

Book any signature program before May 8, 2022 for 10% off with code CCAGUARDIAN.

Separation Skills - $480

Has leaving home become a challenge because a furry friend struggles when left alone?  Our Separation Skills course teaches guardians how to desensitize their dogs to alone time and provides a concrete plan for relief from separation anxiety.

Book any signature program before May 8, 2022 for 10% off with code CCAGUARDIAN.

Private Coaching - $150

Looking for a more tailored experience or help with urgent behavior concerns, such as aggression? Set up an initial consultation for private coaching with one of our certified behavior experts.

Not sure where to start? Email with your questions and we would be happy to recommend the best educational program for the dog guardian in your life!

Author’s note: All products listed above were independently selected by our behavior experts. Items you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Prices and delivery time are accurate as of publication date.

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