06. November 2020
If you have a dog, or spend time around dogs, you may in your lifetime witness, or be part of a dog attack. That may mean an attack on your dog, or on yourself or another human. As with all things, ‘prevention is better than the cure’, so we want to highlight some of the factors you should be conscious of, and what to do in an emergency

25. September 2020
Why it’s important to train your dog in novel environments and how to do it By Nicole Vento

06. September 2020
In the US and many other countries dog training is an unregulated industry: there are no laws in place regulating who can and cannot claim to be a professional, expert etc. So even if you seek out “trainer” support, you may - like many unfortunate guardians before you - be given inappropriate advice regarding the use of punishment in behavior modification. So we want to explain some of the fallouts of punishment

24. July 2020
Picture this, you’ve just brought home this beautiful fluffy bundle of pure joy and you could stare at their wee little face all day… but then there is pee EVERYWHERE, and your hands and ankles are torn to ribbons from those tiny piranha teeth. Hrm. Puppies are great, but hard work.

16. July 2020
If your dog could talk, they would ask you to walk them defensively. Whether you have a new puppy or adoptee, or an older dog, walking defensively can lower stress for all the animals involved

08. July 2020
When the pandemic pushed us into the realm of the virtual I was reluctant to even offer digital training. Surely I wouldn’t be able to affect behavior change without physically working the dog, or physically meeting the guardians? Oh how wrong I was. Four months into lockdown and I’m seeing the best results of my career, and here’s why…

01. July 2020
Let me caveat that title by saying, I love my boy dearly - but he is in the throes of adolescence, 11 months and 22 days to be exact, not that I am counting… so I wanted to share my experience as the dog-mum to 60lb teenager pup

22. June 2020
Within dog training, there are a few things that we at CCA heavily encourage every client to incorporate into their training plan, relaxation training is one of them

10. June 2020
Unregulated, high arousal play may wipe our dogs out but could contribute to hyperactivity and arousal-related behavior disorders. Learn how to use Structured Play to teach your dog to regulate their arousal and build impulse control

05. May 2020
Learn how to avoid your dog developing separation and isolation related anxiety during lockdown

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