Behavior Therapy Classes


Behavior Therapy Classes are innovative 6 - week digital courses on specialized behavior topics. If your dog is presenting with more complex behavior concerns involving fear, anxiety, or aggression these courses are designed to give you an in depth understanding of their condition, and coach you through a training plan to resolve the problem. We believe in modern training, for every dog and designed these courses to be cheaper, more convenient, and most importantly just as effective as in person training.

Calm Canine 


Struggling with low impulse control, frustration, fear, reactivity or aggression? Learn the how to take your dog from a rambunctious rover to a calm canine

Leash Skills

SUNDAYS: 4pm - 5pm

Does your pull, lunge, bark or growl when they see dogs/ people/ skateboards/ animals on leash? Teach your dog to be calm and responsive around their triggers on walks 

 Fear Free Handling: Self-Study Course

Flexible Start Time

Do you dread putting your dog's harness on, taking them to the vet, or trimming their nails? Teach your dog to accept and consent to grooming, veterinary and husbandry procedures without a fight! 

Separation Skills 

SATURDAYS: 1pm - 2pm

Does your dog exhibit separation related anxiety?  Ensure your dog maintains confidence, independence and separation skills through social isolation and beyond, using proven modern behavior modification techniques.*


*This class is a MUST for new puppies being raised during COVID lock-in, dogs who have previously shown signs of separation related anxiety, and those velcro dogs who can't seem to leave our side.

Noise Reactivity 

TUESDAYS 6.30PM - 7.30PM

Does your dog lose his mind when the doorbell rings? Do they startle at knocks on doors or walls, or enter into barking competitions with the neighborhood dogs? Learn how to curb your dog's noise reactivity without the use of force or intimidation.