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About Us

Our Mission

At Calm Canine Academy, we believe every dog deserves effective & compassionate teaching and every human deserves access to credible training & behavior services

Guided by Science:
Modern & Digital Training for Every Dog

We offer effective digital services. Our team of certified and experienced trainers can empower you to change your dog’s behavior and strengthen your relationship. We use humane, modern training methods in order to develop trust, boundaries, and understanding between species.

Our History

  • It started with one dog trainer (Karishma) and two of her clients (Winnie & Gemma).

    Karishma was writing dog training courses that only few New Yorkers had access to and was mostly only able to help dogs who came from families with resources.

    Winnie went to multiple dog trainers all over the city and at every price point and struggled to find someone who could help her reactive dog until she met Karishma.‍

    Gemma saw the stark difference between the high prices of dog training and how little of that went to the dog trainers

    …so they decided to reimagine dog training from the ground up.

  • A New Reality for Dog Trainers & Dog Guardians

    In October 2019, Karishma and Winnie met in a dessert shop in the Lower East Side to imagine a new reality of dog training. Later that month, others had heard of this dream and wanted to help make it a reality. Product managers, attorneys, musicians, and many more – all dog parents – met at Gemma’s house and many became Calm Canine Academy’s first clients.

  • The Pandemic Was Tough

    When the pandemic hit, it severely affected our business since all our sessions were in person at that time. Through countless referrals from existing clients and partnerships with rescues like Muddy Paws and breeders like Puppy Spot, we were able to launch our digital services.

Today, We Are Predominantly a  Digital Dog Training Academy

We have trained 2,000+ dogs. We started in NYC and now train dogs all over the world, from Dubai to Kyoto.

Meet the Team

The Calm Canine Academy Method

  • Training Dogs
    • Effective, humane dog training methods

    • Holistic, science-backed approach to behavior

    • Non-violent and non-coercive

    • Effective for any breed, age, and temperament

  • Training Humans
    • Effective and accessible digital services

    • Our specialists guide you on the path to behavior change

    • We empower you to change your dog’s behavior and support you every step of the way

Contact Our Team to Get Started
  • "After working one on one with clients in New York City for many years, CCA has given me the opportunity to spread my knowledge as a training expert to people around the world.

    It's truly an honor to serve my community."

    - Karishma
  • “I was the crazy dog mom that only cared about traveling with her dog, making her dog Instagram famous, and bringing her dog to brunch every weekend. I soon learned that dog training isn’t about teaching your dog fancy tricks; it’s about communicating better with your best friend.

    When I first got my dog, Ellie, I wanted to train her to be a dog that I wanted her to be. It wasn’t until that I started working with Karishma and understanding Ellie’s body language that Ellie started becoming less reactive and a ‘calmer canine.’ Now, after my experience with CCA, I’ve been able to bring my pups Ellie and Emma to over 6 countries in Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, and more… and they’re comfortable too!”

    - Winnie
  • “I’ve been obsessed with dogs since I was old enough to ask my parents for one - repeatedly, and for years! Now, finally, I am now lucky enough to be surrounded daily by dogs - both my own and our fabulous communities’!

    I am so proud of our amazing team of knowledgeable and empathic trainers who strive to improve the lives of dogs all over the world!”

    - Gemma