Modern Training, for every dog


At Calm Canine Academy we use science-backed, positive reinforcement based training (sometimes referred to as “force-free”, “reward-based” or “clicker training”). Our methods help you communicate with your dog, strengthen your bond and facilitate learning. Whether basic manners or more serious behavioral concerns, positive reinforcement training creates an enthusiastic student who trusts their handler and is keen to learn. This helps you and your dog reach your training goals faster: cultivating and maintaining a strong bond, mutual respect and communication that lasts throughout your life together.


Karishma Warr

Founder | Head of Training & Behavior 

Karishma specializes in coaching her human clients in ethical animal leadership, and compassionate behavior modification. After moving from her native London to New York - and shocked by the lack of science-based humane training options - she started Calm Canine Academy to offer high quality modern animal training to the urban canine dwellers who need it the most.


Through her MA in Philosophy (with a focus in animal ethics), along with 3-years of experience as Behavior Therapy Trainer at NYC’s most prestigious Dog Training Institutions, Karishma has worked with hundreds of dogs from all ages, sizes, and breeds: helping guardians resolve problems from potty training puppies to anxiety, fear and aggression.


A former concert pianist, Karishma now enjoys spending time playing music and working with her own dogs, Heera and Oby.



Gemma Maslen

Head of Client Relations

Gemma is originally from Northern Ireland and has always loved dogs, wishing for a dog of her own all through her childhood. Since moving to NYC, she has volunteered at animal and other dog shelters and helped with the arrival of lots of dogs after the spate of hurricanes in 2017. She is an advocate for fostering and adoption and even “foster- failed” with her first dog, Murphy, a hurricane pup. But sadly, Murphy passed away from a seizure when he was only 1 year old.


Gemma has a medical background and before moving to the USA, was a practicing Podiatrist for the UK’s largest employer, the National Health Service. She first met Karishma as a client when puppy training Murphy where they quickly became friends and later colleagues!


From working as General Manager for some of Manhattan’s leading dog training institutions, Gemma considers herself to be “an educated layman” in the dog world - the perfect person to guide you on our training journey!


Gemma lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young rescue mutt Hayes - who was a CCA client before joining Gemma's family!